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Until You Fall

Target Audience
  • Adult
  • Teen

Until You Fall is a virtual reality (VR) sword fighting experience. This visually stunning game fuses melee and magic and empowers the player to become the master of their own combat style. Players will battle corrupted humanoids, monstrous creatures, and unknown horrors in a frightening neon hellscape. Death is inevitable, though win or lose, players will make progress towards the next level in this hack and slash rougelite.

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam and Oculus Rift with the 1.0 version of the game becoming available Fall 2020. The 1.0 version is currently available on PlayStation®VR (PS VR) and Oculus Quest.

Nominee VR Game of the Year 2020 Fourth International VR Awards Finalists
Official Selection Best Early Access 2020 DreamHack Anaheim Indie Playground
Official Selection Indie MEGABOOTH 2020 PAX East Showcase
Winner Excellence in User Interface Design Award 2019 Road to VR
Winner Best Visuals 2019 UploadVR
Nominee Most Active VR Game/Experience 2019 UploadVR
Selection Bronze Award 2019 Steam
Selection Top Releases of 2019 2019 Steam
Winner Best in Show - Overall 2019 GDEX
Winner Best in Show - AR/VR 2019 GDEX
Official Selection Indie MEGABOOTH 2019 PAX West Showcase
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