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Schell Games is the largest full-service education and enter­tain­ment game devel­op­ment company in the United States. We are uniquely capable of bridging the worlds of education and enter­tain­ment to create games that are both engaging and enriching.

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Until You Fall Key Art

Schell Games Unveils Virtual Reality Sword Fighting Game 'Until You Fall'

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Leading virtual reality game development company Schell Games today revealed details on its next highly anticipated project Until You Fall. Until You Fall is a magic-infused, VR sword fighting game …
Movie Little And Sg Games

See 'I Expect You To Die', 'Orion Trail' in the movie, 'Little'

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The movie, Little, which stars Regina Hall (Girl's Trip) and Issa Rae (Insecure) is about a high-powered businesswoman (Hall) who is transformed back into her childhood. Check out the trailer:Schell …
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Making Weapons Feel Tangible in 'Until You Fall'

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CEO Jesse Schell was interviewed by Shacknews at the 2019 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. In the interview, Jesse talked about creating new content for I Expect You To Die, his excitement…
Jesse Showing Ha Ede18

CEO Jesse Schell on VR/AR for Children

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CEO Jesse Schell wrote a blog post for the Joan Ganz Cooney Center about virtual and augmented reality use by children. In the article, Jesse highlights the reasons why he believes virtual reality is …
Methylamine Molecule

The free 'Happy Atoms' App Gets an Update

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Schell Games is excited to announce that the free Happy Atoms app will have more molecules and in-depth content! Ten molecules have been added to the Complete Set, and three of those new molecules wi…
Collab W Jesse

Meet CEO Jesse Schell

Jesse is an award-winning game developer, author, CEO of Schell Games, and a Distinguished Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Art of Game Design, by Jesse Schell

The Art of Game Design

By Jesse Schell

Easily the most comprehensive, practical book I’ve ever seen on game design.
Will Wright, Designer of The Sims, SimCity, and Spore
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