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Bridging Education and Enter­tain­ment

Schell Games is the largest full-service education and enter­tain­ment game devel­op­ment company in the United States. We are uniquely capable of bridging the worlds of education and enter­tain­ment to create games that are both engaging and enriching.

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Deer in the Wood

Narrative Design in Video Games: Interacting with the Deer in the Woods

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The first story ever told probably went something like this: “I saw a deer in the woods. I tried to catch it. It got away.” Look at that masterpiece. It really has it all. A gorgeous forested settin…
Greg insight

Connecting With Games

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Hello everyone! My name is Greg Mirles and I am a 3D Artist at Schell Games. One of the great things about working at a studio like Schell is that our lead­er­ship encour­ages exper­i­men­ta­tion. Ar…
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Dinner w/ the Devs: VR Fitness Edition

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Schell Games streams a live show titled “Dinner w/ the Devs” once a month. This show features insight from developers at Schell Games on topics such as making our games, current trends, and prediction…
Indie Collective blog post

CEO Jesse Schell Joins the Global Indie Collective

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CEO Jesse Schell has joined the IGDA (International Game Developers Association) Global Indie Collective, a group comprised of 33 industry veterans to help indie creators with the toughest challenges …
Coming Soon Edition

Side Hustles: Full Release Coming Soon Edition

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Our team members love creating amazing experiences. Most of their time is spent creating content for our studio. However, most developers want the freedom to create games for themselves, which we have…
Collab w jesse

Meet CEO Jesse Schell

Jesse is an award-winning game developer, author, CEO of Schell Games, and a Distinguished Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Art of Game Design, by Jesse Schell

The Art of Game Design

By Jesse Schell

Easily the most comprehensive, practical book I’ve ever seen on game design.
Will Wright, Designer of The Sims, SimCity, and Spore
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