Side hustles action

Side Hustles: Action Edition


Our team members love creating amazing expe­ri­ences. Most of their time is spent creating content for our studio. However, most devel­opers want the freedom to create games for them­selves, which we have dubbed their side hustles”. At Schell Games, we not only allow our team members to create content outside of the studio, but we also like to recommend these fun expe­ri­ences as an addition to your game library!

In this second edition of our side hustle series, we’re high­lighting action games. These fast-paced and chal­lenging expe­ri­ences will keep you alert and get your adren­a­line pumping. Whether you’re inter­ested in mobile games, mods, or retro expe­ri­ences, these action games are sure to delight.

Too Close

Mobile | Action

Advanced Artist Dan Lin and Senior Engineer Mike Lee are working to update their mobile game, Too Close by Ludoko Studios. Dan and Mike were joined by Erica Hampson, Sound and Music Designer, and Albert Gea, Producer, to develop and design this fun app.


Too Close is an endless arcade anti-shooter. Use your finger to weave through obstacles and collect diamonds to keep the walls from closing in. The game features intense, high-speed, and chal­lenging gameplay complete with 5 unique game modes and 40 colorful palette combi­na­tions. The team is working on removing ads and porting the game to Android.


PC | Action, Role-Playing

Web Oper­a­tions Manager Mack Nelson is working on a team of 24 devel­opers to make BastionRP, a conver­sion modi­fi­ca­tion for an open world, sandbox, online game titled DayZ.


BastionRP is a first-of-its-kind total conver­sion modi­fi­ca­tion for DayZ. Become a resident of one of the last Bastions of civi­liza­tion in a post-apoc­a­lyptic world. Find your own way to survive and thrive under the watchful eye of your enforcers (or become an enforcer yourself) while enjoying an all-new map, a wealth of custom content and func­tion­ality, a unique roleplay-first ruleset, and custom and expansive lore unlike you’ve ever seen before. The team is still working on the MVP release. After they complete that objective, they’ll continue working on the map and new modi­fi­ca­tions to further the role-playing expe­ri­ence.

Byte Driver

PC | Action, Racing, Retro

Mike Traf­i­cante, our Senior Engi­neering Manager, designed and developed Byte Driver. This retro racing game is currently available for PC.


Byte Driver combines a classic driving game with a bottom-up shooter. Your car runs on energy. Energy and weapons are obtained by hacking the vehicles around you. You’ll have to stay alert because the sharply twisting road and countless enemy vehicles will be trying to stop you from reaching your ultimate goal. Run out of energy and you die.