Making Expe­ri­ences Acces­sible


The word acces­si­bility” is used frequently in the games industry and it can mean different things depending on the project. It could be a common fix, like subtitles, or a company could entirely rethink how a controller functions. At Schell Games, we set out to create acces­sible expe­ri­ences. Vice President of Design Harley Baldwin and Director of Product Manage­ment Alexis Miller sat down with Game Skinny, Game­Tyrant, and Gaming­Bolt to discuss how we approach acces­si­bility while devel­oping different expe­ri­ences.

A commit­ment to meeting an acces­si­bility goal in the beginning can be baked into your designs, and trans­parent to everyone whether they need it or not. A late acces­si­bility addition is much more likely to be a costly stand­alone feature and also more likely to add awkward­ness to the expe­ri­ence for everyone.“

Harley Baldwin