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      Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

      How can Disney and Lucasfilm create an immersive expe­ri­ence for Star Wars™ fans? If someone was going through Jedi training, what would that expe­ri­ence look like?

      Schell Games, along with other game studios, teamed up to help create Star Wars: Jedi Chal­lenges. This three piece set includes mini-games that train the player to become a Jedi master. Schell Games was primarily charged with helping Disney and Lucasfilm create the Lightsaber Battles game. In the game, the player completes a tutorial of how to wield their lightsaber, and then they battle Darth Maul, Darth Vader and Kylo Ren. Jedi Chal­lenges was made to be compat­ible with the Lenovo Mirage AR, an augmented reality (AR) headset.

      Jedi Chal­lenges is now available to the public and has received very positive reviews and articles. It has also been awarded a Tom’s Guide 2017 Inno­va­tion Award, and a 2018 Game Audio Award for Best Sound Design.

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      Target Audience
          ESRB E10

          I Expect You To Die

          How can we create an immersive, enter­taining virtual reality game while avoiding motion-sickness?

          We decided to create a seated expe­ri­ence to eliminate the need for movement. The user is a super-spy with tele­ki­netic powers and has to escape certain deadly situations.

          I Expect You To Die has been recog­nized as one of the most well-polished virtual reality games. With awards from VISION, D.I.C.E., and Art of the Title, the game was on PlayStation’s most down­loaded VR games” for four months in a row, and has compiled a list of highly acclaimed reviews from Wired to Hardcore Gamer.

          In August 2017, I Expect You To Die surpassed $1 million dollars in revenue across the Top 3” virtual reality platforms.

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          Target Audience

              Night Shift

              How can a game reduce diag­nostic errors by doctors and physi­cians in an Emergency Depart­ment (ED)?

              In part­ner­ship with Univer­sity of Pitts­burgh, and with funding by the NIH, Schell Games helped create a game that places physi­cians in the shoes of an emergency medicine doctor who is faced with different critical care situ­a­tions. The goal is for the game to challenge the diag­nostic heuris­tics of the physician playing and to help them re-evaluate how they think of the trauma” patient.

              The game is still in closed-beta testing, but it has already been receiving positive coverage. Dr. Deepika Mohan’s article about the game can be found on BioMed Central, and the whole team was covered in an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Asso­ci­a­tion.

              In December 2017, Dr. Mohan had her research published in The BMJ. The results were positive, with doctors who played the game outper­forming those doctors who didn’t.

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              Target Audience

                Mo the Monster

                Osmo wanted an Augmented Reality (AR) solution that would be use to interact with physical creations by the player.

                Osmo and Schell Games partnered up to create Mo the Monster. Using the camera function and AR tech­nology, players can draw pictures and creations that Mo would then pull” into his envi­ron­ment to use.

                The Mo the Monster expe­ri­ence has won a Silver Parents’ Choice Award, a platinum Oppenheim Award, and critical acclaim from some of the most respected toy reviewers in the country.

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                Daydream Prototype Camera 2017 01 18 14 24 32 2290X1188

                LEGO Brickheadz Builder VR

                With Lego

                Target Audience


                  The Children’s Museum of Houston increased its capacity and wanted an inno­v­a­tive way to not only use the space, but to utilize it in a way that would create more engage­ment with its 6 — 15 year old patrons and keep their families returning to the museum.

                  The museum partnered with Schell Games and created S.E.C.R.E.T.,” a location-based expe­ri­ence where museum goers are secret agents and have missions to complete around the museum in order to thwart the efforts of an evil organization.

                  By 2016, almost 30 percent of visitors in the targeted age range had partic­i­pated in a mission, and the museum had sold over 3,000 missions. Halfway through 2017, over 11,000 missions have been initiated, with nearly a quarter of them being returning missions.

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                  Target Audience

                      Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

                      How do we create a new website for the animated series, Daniel Tiger’s Neigh­bor­hood, that includes activ­i­ties that tackle social-emotional themes that children expe­ri­ence in everyday life?

                      In conjunc­tion with the Fred Rogers Company and PBS, Schell Games created a robust, inter­ac­tive website. The website includes free inter­ac­tive games for children, and high­lights the next gener­a­tion of the original and much-loved Neigh­bor­hood of Make-Believe characters.

                      The website has been serving as a companion to the animated series of Daniel Tiger’s Neigh­bor­hood, and carries on the legacy of Fred Rogers.

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                      How Do We Work Together?

                      Our clients rave about our inclusive, yet disciplined process that delivers high-quality experiences. Discover our process.

                      1. Kick-Off
                      2. Concept
                      3. Pre-Production
                      4. Production
                      5. Polish
                      6. QA/Optimization
                      7. Maintenance

                      Get started

                      Every successful project begins by identifying the goals, team members, budget, timeframe, and expected deliverables. Let’s discuss your parameters and we will start working together to deliver a unique experience.

                      Develop the concept

                      Here we begin to establish the initial idea for the experience, building upon the information you provided in the Kick-Off phase. We’ll look at the intended goals of the project and develop some initial concepts that fit within your scope and budget.

                      Design it

                      This phase is intended to define the design of the game experience we are creating. A good way to think about Pre-Production is minimizing (as much as possible) any changes that might happen in the Production Phase. Iteration happens as quickly and frequently as possible to arrive at the desired experience.

                      Make it real

                      This phase is devoted to the implementation and iteration of the design. The Production Phase is segmented into smaller periods of Pre-Production/Production for each individual part of the game, followed by subsequent rounds of iteration. While it is ideal that no design changes occur during Production, they inevitably will. But there’s no need for concern; we will communicate with you every step of the way.

                      Make it amazing

                      In this phase we determine what additional tweaks, adjustments, and content should be added to improve the game’s overall quality and playability. Generally, no major features are added at this point. The end deliverable is a near-final experience.

                      Make it perfect

                      During this phase, we will make a final pass at bug-fixing and optimization to ensure a flawless experience.

                      Keep it amazing

                      Technology changes, your story changes, and people will be asking for more. Together let’s review the full scope of your experience and develop a plan that keeps people engaged in the experience throughout its lifecycle.