Reagan Heller

VP of Art

As the Vice President of Art at Schell Games, Reagan sets the overall artistic vision for each project and oversees the Art team as well as assists with general studio staffing and management.

Reagan Heller began her foray into entertainment technology as an undergrad, working on visual direction and asset creation for masters level game design projects. After completing her undergraduate degree in Graphic Design at Carnegie Mellon University with a minor in Art with Digital Concentration, she joined the Human Computer Interaction labâs Stage 3 ALICE team. This experience prompted her to enroll at the Entertainment Technology Center at CMU to pursue a masterâs degree, as well as complete an interim internship with Disneyâs VR Studios team. Upon completing her masters, Reagan joined Schell Games as one of the first employees and began to create and guide the visual direction for the company.

With Schell Games, Reagan has worked on growing art team on a wide range of projects, acting in various roles and working directly with many of our clients such as Disney/PIXAR, Microsoft, and Raytheon. Each project offers a new challenge and requires a fresh, aesthetic approach. She aptly guides the team, rallying behind them with a strong vision.

In her spare time, Reagan enjoys battling the undead and preparing for the impending apocalypse.