Matt Mahon

VP of Engineering

At Schell Games, Matt is responsible for managing the project programming teams, where he utilizes his managerial and technical skill sets. He establishes conventions and workflow processes, assigns tasks and responsibilities, and oversees the technical design of the projects. Additionally he is the first point of contact for other groups dealing with the tech team. Matt works closely with both the Art and Design teams to ensure that the technical aspects of both teams are taken into account and opportunities are exploited. Matt is also the primary technical contact for external partners.

As a 20+ year veteran of the game industry, Matt shares his experience across the company, acts as a sounding board for issues while lending insight from past experience, helps with hiring and company growth issues, and tells long rambling stories about the old days.

Prior to focusing on management, Matt was Technical Director at Schell Games for Disney's Pixie Hollow Online (winner of the 2009 Parents Choice Award, Silver Honor), an MMO based on the Tinkerbell franchise; and Mechatars, a transmedia project that matched remote control robots with online digital battles .

Matt got his start in the industry in 1995, working with Ron Gilbert at Humongous Entertainment. Hired as a programmer, Matt worked on a number of award-winning titles including, Freddi Fish 2: Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds, Let's Explore the Farm,Let's Explore the Airport, and Let's Explore the Jungle. Matt then worked as a Programming Lead and co-designer on Putt-Putt Travels Through Time, Pajama Sam2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening, Backyard Football, and Blues Clues: Reading Time. Matt was involved in every aspect of these projects; scheduling, production, design, script revisions, writing filler dialog, casting and directing voice talent, and more. Matt represented the company at several E3 conventions showcasing the products to the press. He attended the 2000 AIAS award show where Backyard Football was nominated for PC Sports Game of the Year. Matt was also sent to the NFL office in New York City to pitch the treatment of the NFL license integration into the Backyard Sports franchise.

In 2003, Matt joined Chris Taylor at Gas Powered Games. Hired as a technical level designer for Dungeon Siege 2 (RPG of the Year 2005, Gamespy, PC Gamer), Matt was responsible for creating environments that reflected the epic scope of the game. With his background in programming, Matt was also responsible for much of the event and quest scripting in the game. Through the systems he put in place, usability of the scripting language was expanded, allowing less tech-savvy designers to use the language. Matt assumed the role of Lead Level Designer for the Broken World expansion. Later Matt transitioned to Supreme Commander (PC Gamers Editors Choice 91%) as the Content Engineering Manager.