Harley Baldwin

VP of Design

Harley Baldwin has been a designer and leader in the AAA console game industry at notable game studios, including 2K, Nihilistic Software, Demiurge, Crystal Dynamics, LucasArts, and Her Interactive. She has worked on many titles and in many genres, from Rock Band and Tomb Raider to Call of Duty and XCOM.

At Schell Games, Harley draws on her formidable experience to mentor, manage, cultivate design culture, and collaborate freely with clients and Schell Gamers to envision exciting, pioneering experiences for players or guests. With each unique project in mind, she understands and deploys the amazing and diverse skills and talents of Schell Games designers. As a regular on the conference circuit, she is often found representing Schell Games as speaker and participant. Harley also makes sure to poke at things, look under rocks, and play every day.