Water Bears

Target Audience
  • Middle School
  • iOS
  • Android

Water Bears is a mobile 3D puzzle game for everyone. In this game, the water bears are sad and dehydrated. They need the player to help get water to fall on their bubbles. Water bears are picky drinkers, though, so each one will only accept water of a particular color. Players need to put the pipes in the right place and manipulate the color of the water to make all of the water bears happy. With 50 levels, this game challenges a player's spatial reasoning, while asking them to make the most of their limited resources. Get it now on the App Store.

We have an educational version of this game available, too. Water Bears was originally designed to give players hands-on experience with Systems Thinking concepts. Water Bears EDU is also available, where educators can use analytics and classroom management tools, along with lesson plans and other materials to help teach Systems Thinking.

Winner Best Pick- App 2016 TechWithKids.com
Official Selection Purdue's Engineering Gift Guide 2016 Purdue University
Winner Top Rated App 2016 Balefire Labs
Winner Editor's Choice- Excellence in Design 2015 Children's Technology Review
Winner Serious Play Gold Award 2015 International Serious Play Conference
Winner Best in Show- Educational Games 2015 International Serious Play Conference
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