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Water Bears

Target Audience
  • Family
  • iOS

Water Bears is a mobile 3D puzzle game for everyone. In this game, the water bears are sad and dehy­drated. They need the player to help get water to fall on their bubbles. Water bears are picky drinkers, though, so each one will only accept water of a partic­ular color. Players need to put the pipes in the right place and manip­u­late the color of the water to make all of the water bears happy. With 50 levels, this game chal­lenges a player’s spatial reasoning, while asking them to make the most of their limited resources. Get it now on the App Store.

This game can also be used for educa­tional purposes. Water Bears was designed to give players hands-on expe­ri­ence with systems thinking concepts, color theory, resource manage­ment, and spatial reasoning.

Winner Best Pick - App 2016
Official Selection Purdue's Engineering Gift Guide 2016 Purdue University
Winner Top Rated App 2016 Balefire Labs
Winner Editor's Choice - Excellence in Design 2015 Children's Technology Review
Winner Serious Play Gold Award 2015 International Serious Play Conference
Winner Best in Show - Educational Games 2015 International Serious Play Conference
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