Wastelanders is a turn-based strategy game built for Twitch, where both broadcasters and viewers play in a live stream. Broadcasters take on the role of a Warlord in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and lead their viewers in battle against another broadcaster-led team. By watching the stream and chatting, viewers can control warriors on the battlefield, set bounties on opposition Warriors, place land mines, and alter the battle in other fun and surprising ways. 

With Wastelanders, broadcasters have a new way to interact with their followers as viewers become players on their team. Broadcasters can reward their most loyal followers and subscribers with more chances to play and gain game experience.

Viewers can earn experience for participating in battles, from controlling the most deadly Warrior to just lurking in chat. They’ll be able to trade that experience for special abilities or equipment. They’ll also be able to take this experience and any rewards they’ve earned to other broadcasters’ streams and be recognized as a valuable addition to their team. 

Teams have ten turns to score the most points and win the match. Points are scored by controlling resources and killing the opposing team’s Warriors. Or, if a team manages to take down the opposing team’s Warlord, they can win the match early.

Visit the Wastelanders website, or follow the team on Twitter (@wastelanderstv).


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