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Target Audience
  • Middle School
  • Preschool

The Challenge: Can Disney continue to develop an online MMO after its lead designer left the company?

The Solution: Jesse Schell was Disney’s Lead Designer for ToonTown, a ground-breaking 3D MMO for children. ToonTown is consid­ered the first MMO created for children and has been recog­nized by various awards following its release. Disney decided to continue to work with Jesse after he left and started Schell Games.

The Result: Schell Games provided various updates for ToonTown over the years until it reached its sunset in 2013.

Winner MMORPG Game of the Year 2003 Computer Gaming World
Winner People’s Voice Award, Kids Category 2003 Webby Awards
Winner Silver Honor 2003 Parents’ Choice Foundation
Winner All Star Software Award 2003 Children’s Software Review
Winner Safe Gaming Award 2005 WiredKids
Winner Webby Worthy Selection 2005 Webby Awards
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