Baker Street Experience

The Baker Street Experience is an interactive audio adventure set in the universe of Sherlock Holmes and made exclusively for the Alexa-enabled devices. This app, or skill, features several “environments” that help create a feeling of progression and exploration within the experience, including Holmes’ titular study on Baker Street, a busy coffee house, a derelict back alley and Scotland Yard. 

Unlike other Amazon Echo experiences, this skill uses full voice over, including player action prompts and “Quit/Cancel” audio. It is also the first audio adventure to include the new “Home Card” art feature. This system provides optional visual accompaniment (scene art, help text, credits and company information) to enhance the experience when played along with a mobile device.

To play the Baker Street Experience you’ll need an Alexa-enable device and an account. Once everything is configured, simply say, “Alexa, Enable Baker Street Experience” and you’ll be ready to don the iconic hat and magnifying glass of the world’s most renowned detective. Best of all, the experience is free to all Amazon Echo owners. See the Baker Street Experience on Amazon.

To read more about the Baker Street Experience and to hear some examples of gameplay, visit the SG Labs Blog.


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