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Save the Park


Target Audience
  • Family
  • Adult
  • Teen
  • iOS

The Challenge: In support of the National Park Foundation and the 2016 Centennial of the National Park Service, how can Schell Games create an experience that inspires players to make a difference in real life at U.S. national parks, and celebrate volunteers and highlight the critical role that they play as caretakers of the national parks?

The Solution: Save the Park was created in partnership with American Express, Schell Games and Games for Change. In this iOS endless runner game, players will have the opportunity to control two characters- a national park volunteer and their Junior Ranger companion, who work together completing volunteer activities that support the parks. Save the Park features four national park volunteers who must accomplish a set of volunteer tasks, to help preserve and conserve the parks. These characters have been developed to represent different interests/passions that would inspire people to want to volunteer. Volunteer activities include exploring different terrains to: protect animal habitats, plant trees, maintain trails, collect research specimens, help park visitors, and more, while avoiding obstacles in the player’s way. Players who master each volunteer task will unlock new task levels, and gain access to each of the four characters across three park environments â Forest, Desert and Coastline.

Throughout the game, players are prompted to take action and volunteer on the National Park Service website. Players learn about the national parks through facts and information about how the in-game volunteer tasks represent the real-world impact volunteers have every day in the national parks.

The Result: The American Express Foundation will make a $1 donation to National Park Foundation (the official charity of the National Park Service) for each download of Save the Park occurring on or before December 31, 2016, up to $50,000. The donation will support National Park Foundation’s park conservation and stewardship work.

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