Pleasant Cove


Target Audience
  • Adult
  • REAL System

The Challenge: How can Penumbra's REAL Immersive System provide a VR-based rehabilitation experience that is both calming and relaxing, while providing structured tasks and useful tools to help therapists both challenge and motivate their patients to engage more fully in their therapy?

The Solution: Schell Games worked with Penumbra to create a tranquil VR beach house setting where therapists can work with patients on cognitive impairments related to attention, memory, psychomotor skills, and sequencing through intrinsically motivating activities.

The Results: Through the therapist's tablet-based TherapyView interface, Pleasant Cove provides a customized experience tailored to meet and challenge patients' needs. Patients are able to proceed at their pace through familiar activities enhanced by magical moments only possible in virtual reality. Playtesting explored one of the project's design pillars around positive emotional impact: "turn a bad day into a good one."

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