Peg + Cat


PBS Kids

Target Audience
  • Preschool

The Challenge: How can Schell Games build fun and educational games that supplement the PBS Kids series, Peg+Cat?

The Solution: In collaboration with the Fred Rogers Company and PBS, Schell Games created several games for the Peg + Cat interactive website. The site offers multiple free interactive games for kids to experience Peg + Cat's adventures. Children can see Peg + Cat's friends operate a hair salon, lead a parade, or even race in a soapbox car made of pizza. These games help players learn numerical association and order, as well as teamwork.

The Result: Peg+Cat has received positive reviews and recognition, and the digital property of Peg+Cat was nominated for a Daytime Emmy.

Daytime Emmy Nomination Outstanding Interactive Enhancement to a Daytime Program or Series 2017 National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
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