Lost Recipes

Target Audience
  • Family
  • Teen
  • Adult
  • Meta Quest

Lost Recipes is a virtual reality (VR) historical cooking simulator where you recreate authentic food from three historic cultures in a relaxing environment. In the game, you are a Ghost Chef in training. You will cook for ghosts from ancient Greek, Chinese, and Maya civilizations who long to pass on the traditional recipes of their favorite dishes.

To hone your cooking skills, you will travel throughout history to practice in three ancestral kitchens. You need to satisfy each ghost’s appetite in order to move to the next kitchen. While cooking nine unique recipes, you will learn about the processes, ingredients, and culture surrounding the food.

Lost Recipes is not your typical cooking sim. You are not judged on how quickly you complete a task. Instead, this gentle and beautiful game rewards you for taking your time and finishing each recipe as accurately as possible.

Lost Recipes is voiced by native-speaking people and is based on extensive cultural research that brings the game’s historic foods, kitchen tools, cooking techniques, and locations to life.

The game is available now exclusively on Meta Quest.

Shortlisted Best Game or Toy 2022 The Auggie Awards
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