Lionel Battle Train



Target Audience
  • Family
  • Teen
  • iOS

The Challenge: How can Lionel, a model train company that has been around since 1900, create a digital experience that attracts newer generations?

The Solution: Schell Games created Lionel Battle Train, an iPad game that challenges players to deliver cargo using a customizable train, while defending against enemy cars. The goal is to defeat a group of treacherous bandits who are intent on stealing cargo from the trains of the reliable, steadfast Lionel Delivery Company.

The game takes place in the distant future where roads no longer exist and trains are the primary mode of transportation. This fast-paced survival game takes players on a wild ride through three unique terrains and on perilous missions too numerous to count. Players can customize their engines and employ different weapons to deliver supplies safely to the final destination. This fun, exciting game is free to play. Players can make in-app purchases to advance the gameplay more quickly.

The Results: After Lionel Battle Train was released in the App Store in 2014, it received hundreds of positive reviews.

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