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Target Audience
  • Middle School
  • Family
  • Adult
  • Teen
  • Android

GumTrix is a mobile game that’s a delicious new take on candy matching. This free game is available for Android. Players make matches before being stretched to the breaking point. Bombs and power-ups are available to save players from pointy pepper­mint doom. The longer the match, the more points earned. GumTrix is stretchy candy matching fun for everyone!

Gumtrix Screenshot  Gumtrix1 160408 172851 Screenshot  Gumtrix2 160408 172853 Screenshot  Gumtrix3 160408 172856 Screenshot  Gumtrix4 160408 172859 Screenshot  Gumtrix5 160408 172902 Screenshot  Gumtrix6 160408 172905 Screenshot  Gumtrix7 160408 172908