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Fairies Clickables


Target Audience
  • Middle School
  • Preschool

The Challenge: Is it possible to add a physical component to the MMO fairy game, Pixie Hollow?

The Solution: Fairy Clickables served as the physical entry point to the popular MMO Pixie Hollow. These collectible and connectable charms enhanced players’ interactivity and avatar development. As players purchased more Fairy Clickables, his or her fairy would be exposed to more unlockable online content. Also, there was an incentive to share this newly found content in the form of gifts with friends inside and outside the Fairy World.

The Result: When Fairy Clickables launched, players were able to purchase improvements for their fairies via USB connectivity for less than $30. The clickables would come in approachable designs, like a jewelry box. Read more about Fairy Clickables in this USA Today article.

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