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Fairies Click­ables


Target Audience
  • Middle School
  • Preschool

The Challenge: Is it possible to add a physical component to the MMO fairy game, Pixie Hollow?

The Solution: Fairy Click­ables served as the physical entry point to the popular MMO Pixie Hollow. These collectible and connectable charms enhanced players’ inter­ac­tivity and avatar devel­op­ment. As players purchased more Fairy Click­ables, his or her fairy would be exposed to more unlock­able online content. Also, there was an incentive to share this newly found content in the form of gifts with friends inside and outside the Fairy World.

The Result: When Fairy Click­ables launched, players were able to purchase improve­ments for their fairies via USB connec­tivity for less than $30. The click­ables would come in approach­able designs, like a jewelry box. Read more about Fairy Click­ables in this USA Today article.

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