Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Ride


Fred Rogers Productions

Target Audience
  • Family

The Challenge: How do we re-imagine the original Mr. Rogers Neighborhood ride (1989-2013) at Idlewild Park & SoakZone, embrace many original elements that the older generation will remember, and carry on the tradition and legacy of Fred Rogers to a new generation of preschoolers growing up with the spin-off show, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?

The Solution: In partnership with the park and the Fred Rogers Company, Schell Games developed the Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood ride. In the ride, guests are transported to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe to meet Daniel Tiger and all his friends from the show. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’s uniqueness comes from encouraging active conversation, seek and find activities, and sing-alongs between the guests and animatronic characters, Daniel’s voice-over, and a live host.

The Results: Open since 2015, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Ride has received many positive reviews. One Post-Gazette contributor wrote that the ride "...is clearly superior [to the old ride] thanks to technological advancements", and reviews on Idlewild & SoakZone show that the ride is a fan favorite.

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