VR Spy Game 'I Expect You To Die' Releases Brand New Level


The I Expect You To Die “Seat of Power” DLC is available today, July 16, for PlayStation, Steam, Oculus, and Windows

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PITTSBURGH, PA, July 16, 2019 ー Leading virtual reality (VR) game development company Schell Games today announced all-new free downloadable content (DLC) is available for its award-winning, escape-the-room VR spy puzzle game I Expect You To Die.

Secret agents are placed in Dr. Zor’s boardroom in the “Seat of Power” content update, challenging players to put their espionage skills to the ultimate test. With a mission to retrieve Dr. Zor’s secret information and safely escape, players must covertly navigate through the immersive environment without triggering any suspicion and come away unscathed.

I Expect You To Die is a virtual reality puzzle game where players take on the role of an elite secret agent. Inside the game, they attempt to survive deadly situations in dangerous locales by completing missions using problem-solving skills and their wits. It’s a race to thwart the evil Dr. Zor without succumbing to traps and tricks that may cause an untimely demise.

A trailer for ​“Seat of Power” is available for viewing here:

I Expect You To Die is available for download for $24.99 USD on the following stores: Steam, PlayStation, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and Windows. The “Seat of Power” downloadable content is available for free to all owners of the game, current and future. A second free level will be added in late-2019, details of which will be announced at a future date.

A media kit for the game can be found here.