Top H1 2018 Blog Posts

Top Blog Posts of H1 of 2018


From shar­ing projects about Jam Week to pro­vid­ing insight on mak­ing a vir­tu­al real­i­ty game for edu­ca­tion, the Schell Games Blog has pro­vid­ed a vari­ety of infor­ma­tion and insight. Here are the most-read blog posts since the start of 2018.

Vr In The Classroom Ela

Teachers exploring Google Expeditions

Adopt­ing Vir­tu­al Real­i­ty (VR) for Eng­lish Lan­guage Arts

We had the plea­sure to sit in a work­shop the Alleghe­ny Inter­me­di­ate Unit (AIU3) had for mid­dle school and high school ELA teach­ers. Dur­ing the work­shop, the Unit’s Direc­tor of Instruc­tion­al Inno­va­tion Tyler Sam­stag walked the teach­ers through a primer of vir­tu­al real­i­ty and how they can imple­ment the tech­nol­o­gy and its expe­ri­ences in the classroom.

Next Generation

Vir­tu­al Real­i­ty for the Next Generation

Game Design­er Mar­lena Abra­ham has been on sev­er­al teams research­ing best prac­tices for devel­op­ing vir­tu­al real­i­ty expe­ri­ences for young peo­ple. In this blog post, she high­lights some lessons learned, what works real­ly good in VR, and expe­ri­ences worth avoiding.

Ieytd First Class Small

Art from 'I Expect You To Die: First Class'

Lev­el Design Deep Dive: Mak­ing an I Expect You To Die Puz­zle Lev­el on a Budget

Prin­ci­pal Design­er Shawn Pat­ton, who was the Design Direc­tor for I Expect You To Die, wrote this arti­cle to demon­strate the com­plex­i­ty of design­ing a puz­zle in for vir­tu­al real­i­ty, and the con­straints the team had to make the lev­el as effi­cient­ly as pos­si­ble. It orig­i­nal­ly appeared on Gama­su­tra.

Copy Of Playtesting Checklists

The Defin­i­tive Guide to Playtest Questions

The Schell Games Design team playtests the expe­ri­ences they cre­ate. A lot. To that end, they have for­mu­lat­ed a process that curates the best expe­ri­ence for all par­ties involved. Not only did the team doc­u­ment the process, they even made it avail­able for free.

Unite Austin Live Blog Header

Game Archi­tec­ture with Script­able Objects

And the most pop­u­lar blog post for the 1st half of 2018 comes from prin­ci­pal engi­neer Ryan Hip­ple, who gave this talk at Unite 2017 in Austin. Ryan goes into detail about why he likes using Script­ableOb­jects in the Uni­ty game engine and pro­vides some examples.

You can also watch the talk on YouTube:


We have plen­ty more in store for the Blog. We’ll be shar­ing more insight on how our engi­neers are using par­tic­u­lar fea­tures in Uni­ty, how the stu­dio cham­pi­ons diver­si­ty in the work­place, and more. Stay tuned!

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