Top H1 2018 Blog Posts

Top Blog Posts of H1 of 2018


From sharing projects about Jam Week to providing insight on making a virtual reality game for education, the Schell Games Blog has provided a variety of infor­ma­tion and insight. Here are the most-read blog posts since the start of 2018.

Vr In The Classroom Ela

Teachers exploring Google Expeditions

Adopting Virtual Reality (VR) for English Language Arts

We had the pleasure to sit in a workshop the Allegheny Inter­me­diate Unit (AIU3) had for middle school and high school ELA teachers. During the workshop, the Unit’s Director of Instruc­tional Inno­va­tion Tyler Samstag walked the teachers through a primer of virtual reality and how they can implement the tech­nology and its expe­ri­ences in the classroom.

Next Generation

Virtual Reality for the Next Gener­a­tion

Game Designer Marlena Abraham has been on several teams researching best practices for devel­oping virtual reality expe­ri­ences for young people. In this blog post, she high­lights some lessons learned, what works really good in VR, and expe­ri­ences worth avoiding.

Ieytd First Class Small

Art from 'I Expect You To Die: First Class'

Level Design Deep Dive: Making an I Expect You To Die Puzzle Level on a Budget

Principal Designer Shawn Patton, who was the Design Director for I Expect You To Die, wrote this article to demon­strate the complexity of designing a puzzle in for virtual reality, and the constraints the team had to make the level as effi­ciently as possible. It orig­i­nally appeared on Gamasutra.

Copy Of Playtesting Checklists

The Defin­i­tive Guide to Playtest Questions

The Schell Games Design team playtests the expe­ri­ences they create. A lot. To that end, they have formu­lated a process that curates the best expe­ri­ence for all parties involved. Not only did the team document the process, they even made it available for free.

Unite Austin Live Blog Header

Game Archi­tec­ture with Script­able Objects

And the most popular blog post for the 1st half of 2018 comes from principal engineer Ryan Hipple, who gave this talk at Unite 2017 in Austin. Ryan goes into detail about why he likes using Script­ableOb­jects in the Unity game engine and provides some examples.

You can also watch the talk on YouTube:


We have plenty more in store for the Blog. We’ll be sharing more insight on how our engineers are using partic­ular features in Unity, how the studio champions diversity in the workplace, and more. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!