= Methylamine Molecule

The free Happy Atoms’ App Gets an Update


Schell Games is excited to announce that the free Happy Atoms app will have more molecules and in-depth content!

Ten molecules have been added to the Complete Set, and three of those new molecules will appear for the Introduction Set.

Molecules added according to Continent-

Phos­pho­rous (1):

Sodium Mono­flu­o­rophos­phate

Carbon (2):


Nitrogen (2):

Methyl Isoth­io­cyanateMethy­lamine*

= Isoamylmercaptan Molecule

Sulfur (1):

Isoamyl Mercaptan

= Methylamine Molecule

Silicon (1):


Oxygen (2):

Diacetyl­Hypochlorous acid*

Halogen (1):

Allyl Chloride*

Along with the new molecules, addi­tional bug fixes were also launched.

Happy Bonding!

*The molecules that are also included in the Introduction Set.