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Schell Games Announces Super­pow­ered Love Story, Mission: It’s Compli­cated, Coming Soon to PC

This Visual Novel Will Be Free on Steam Starting February 14, 2020

PITTSBURGHJAN 22, 2020 Love is in the air! This Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14), leading game developer Schell Games will delight fans of super­heroes, romantic fan fiction, and narrative games with the launch of its newest title Mission: It’s Compli­cated. With all pertinent details now available on its Steam page, Mission: It’s Compli­cated is a free visual novel that will have players rethinking the power of love.

In the game, players attempt to get super­heroes to fall in love in order to save the world from impending doom. This narrative-based, feel-good expe­ri­ence allows players to take command of their own adventure as well as create various pairings between the five different super­heroes — of varying genders and orien­ta­tions — to complete an assort­ment of missions to protect the planet from total anni­hi­la­tion. Players will discover building strong rela­tion­ships, romantic or platonic, is key to helping them reach their goals. The more compat­ible the pair of super­heroes are, the more likely that they will fall in love and save the world.

Available on PC for both Windows and Mac, Mission: It’s Compli­cated has a total gameplay time that hovers between 8 – 10 hours. It takes between 2 – 3 hours to get to the conclu­sion of a single pairing. There are ten pairings in total.

Mission: It’s Compli­cated offers players a one-of-a-kind narrative where the puns are terrible but the feels are real. It has a distinct set of unique and heart­warming features, including:

  • Choosing your OTP! Any hero of the five can be paired with another to win the game.
  • No bummers! Every pair has a happy ending, so no need to whip out the tissue box or Ben & Jerry’s.
  • LGBTQ friendly!
  • Friend dates! Friend­ship is just as important as romance. Win the game with romantic or platonic love depending on which pair you pick.
  • Free! Not secretly-designed-for-micro­­tran­s­ac­­tions-free, but actually free.

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