Coming Soon Edition

Side Hustles: Full Release Coming Soon Edition


Our team members love creating amazing expe­ri­ences. Most of their time is spent creating content for our studio. However, most devel­opers want the freedom to create games for them­selves, which we have dubbed their side hustles”. At Schell Games, we not only allow our team members to create content outside of the studio, but we also like to recommend these fun expe­ri­ences as an addition to your game library!

In this third edition of our side hustle series, we’re high­lighting games that are coming soon. Whether you enjoy open-world action, horror, or slice of life, you’re sure to find a game here that you can look forward to being fully released soon.

Kindred Fates

PC, Switch | Action, Role-Playing, Open World

Kayla Kosik, our 3D Art Fellow, is working on the envi­ron­ment art for Kindred Fates with a small indie team called SkyMill Studios.

They say work isn’t work when you enjoy what you do and I cannot agree with this more when I’m helping create Kindred Fates.”


Looking for a darker, more engaging Pokemon/​creature fighting expe­ri­ence? Craving an open world full of secrets to uncover? Have you ever wanted to talk to a bear about bread? Well, look no further than Kindred Fates! This is an action, role-playing, open world game featuring over 110 different kinds of Kinfolk” and a spanning landscape that will rival Breath of the Wild. Although it’s still in early produc­tion, the team just wrapped up their Kick­starter, which was an over­whelming success.

Growing Pain

PC and Mac | Point and Click, Horror

Quinn Leary, our QA specialist, created a point and click horror game titled Growing Pain.

This was my dream project I started working on for my senior thesis in college. I am still working on it now, over a year later! The fact that it has been a passion project for me means that I’ve been able to go all out, combining horror genre influ­ences and my love for weird, out there story­telling.”


Growing Pain is a point and click horror game about a teenage girl and the camping trip that forever changes her. Step into the strange and unset­tling world of Molly, a 16 year old girl who struggles to make friends. Her mom sends her out on a weekend camping trip with Brielle, a classmate she has absolutely nothing in common with. Bound by an unspeak­able action committed together, Molly and Brielle’s fates become knit as you seek to find answers about an infection that threatens to destroy Molly from within. This game is currently a demo, so the next step for Quinn is releasing the game.

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Mischief at the Museum

Board Game | Slice of Life

Principal Designer Shawn Patton, Advanced Artist Josh Brannon, and Advanced Artist Josh Hendryx are working together to make Mischief at the Museum.

I really wanted to create a gateway game that could appeal to and bring in new players while keeping my regular board game geek friends happy. An approach­able theme, accom­mo­dating player numbers (16), easy to learn mechanics that afford multiple layers of strategy, and a rela­tively quick play time all support that goal.”


Collab­o­ra­tively build any museum you want, then compete to have the best day ever! Education, Romance, Bonding, and Mischief are your goals, hilarity your result. Will you be a Zestfully Sneaky Janitor, a Misun­der­stood Parent, or a Stun­ningly Tricksy Volunteer? Looking for details on mechanics? It uses a modular board, round based action retrieval, set comple­tion for hidden victory points, and optional but hilarious role playing oppor­tu­ni­ties. Surpris­ingly Fun Games, the name of their group, will launch its Kick­starter funding for the game in July 2020.