Schell Games Working on a VR Sword Combat Game


Dur­ing an inter­view with Vari­ety, CEO Jesse Schell announced that the com­pa­ny is at work devel­op­ing a vir­tu­al real­i­ty (VR) sword com­bat game. Based on the best prac­tices the com­pa­ny learned from devel­op­ing the lightsaber bat­tles for Star Wars: Jedi Chal­lenges, the game will fea­ture ele­ments that will aim to make the sword­play immer­sive, com­fort­able, and fun.

Jesse also talked about the news of I Expect You To Die reach­ing $3 mil­lion in rev­enue, the Phase 1 devel­op­ment of the VR cura­tion game His­to­ry­Mak­er VR, as well as oth­er projects Schell Games is cur­rent­ly tackling.