Man playing Holo LAB Champions at G4 C18

Schell Games Shows HoloLAB Champions’ at Games For Change Festival


Hololab steam

Schell Games was a sponsor and an exhibitor during the 2018 Games for Change Festival. During the Festival, attendees were able to visit the 2018 Market­place to try HoloLAB Champions, our virtual reality (VR) lab practice game show. The game will be launched on Steam on July 10th.

Several people at the Festival remem­bered the Phase I of the project, SuperChem VR. Many were delighted to see how the final product looked and played.

Marlena talks to G4 C attendee about Holo LAB Person playing HLC at G4 C

During the Festival, CEO Jesse Schell and Vice President of Design Harley Baldwin spoke about lessons the team learned for devel­oping virtual reality expe­ri­ences for education.

Lessons Learned at g4c18 on HLC Lessons learned in making Holo LAB Champions

Title slide of the presentation and an infographic highlighting their main points

Overall the game and the talk received positive feedback. We always look forward to the Games for Change Festival, and we were happy to be a sponsor for the 2018 edition.