Jesse Playing Hololab

Schell Games' 'HoloLAB Champions' mixes up chemistry lessons in VR


Jesse And Hololab

Photo Creds: Nate Guidry/Post-Gazette

The Pitts­burgh Post-Gazettes Max Park­er (@GameGuyPGH) stopped by the game stu­dio to talk with CEO Jesse Schell about the cre­ation, devel­op­ment, and release of our vir­tu­al real­i­ty lab prac­tice game show, Holo­LAB Cham­pi­ons.

Jesse talked about how he believes that as vir­tu­al real­i­ty hard­ware gets more afford­able, that there will be a wave of schools and dis­tricts using vir­tu­al real­i­ty. And based on that, Jesse thinks that Schell Games is in a good place to meet their needs.

We’re try­ing to be ready. We’ve got the basis. We’ve got the ground­work. When the hard­ware shows up that peo­ple can afford, we’ll already know how to make things that peo­ple can ben­e­fit from.”

In the arti­cle, they also men­tion His­to­ry Mak­er VR, the lat­est edu­ca­tion­al game the stu­dio is developing.