Schell Games Developers on Porting to Oculus Quest


UploadVR interviewed I Expect You To Die Engineering Director Mike Lew and Project Director John Kolenchery about porting the game to Oculus Quest. The developers encountered a variety of issues, such as memory limitations and resolution, when porting the game. Later in the article, Until You Fall Project Director Dave Bennet discusses how the process of adapting I Expect You To Die to the Quest helped developers create Until You Fall.

“I was quite impressed with how well it performs,” says Lew. “I know we’ve talked about performance concerns, but it easily is the best standalone device I’ve personally ever tried. I was really impressed with the hardware when we got it…So as a developer we are really excited for this new hardware. It’s really rewarding to find new methods of input or new ways to push presence and immersion in VR.”

Although Until You Fall won’t launch on the Oculus Quest, the team has recently announced the possibility of porting the game at a later time on their Discord:

“At Early Access launch, the game will be available and optimized for the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Porting the game to non-PC platforms will be discussed for the game's 2020 roadmap.”