Schell Games Awarded IES/SBIR Grant for 'History Maker'


We're happy to announce that the studio was awarded a IES/SBIR Phase I grant to proceed to create a virtual reality content creation tool called History Maker. The goal is to allow middle school students create digital movies and present them in virtual reality to teachers and classmates. According to the IES announcement, "these projects are designed to support student learning, teacher practice, or school administration in education or special education."

Once complete, the prototype will be tested in middle school classrooms to see if it has the possibility of "improving learning outcomes" in a school environment.


Early concept art for 'History Maker'

If the History Maker prototype achieves its research objective, it will be eligible for Phase II funding in 2019.

Our experiences Happy Atoms and HoloLAB Champions were also funded by grants from the IES/SBIR programs.