Schell Games Adds Final Level Called ​“Operation: Death Engine” to I Expect You To Die


Leading virtual reality (VR) game devel­op­ment company Schell Games today announced a new, final level will be added to its puzzle-solving VR spy game I Expect You To Die. Titled ​“Operation: Death Engine,” the new level will be available as free down­load­able content on November 19, 2019, across all supported platforms. For a sneak peek of the action, players can check out the brand-new trailer.

“When I Expect You To Die launched three years ago, none of us could have imagined the incred­ible level of support we would receive from fans. We are proud to have made a game that has stood the test of time for so many players,” said Schell Games CEO Jesse Schell. ​“Without the ingenuity and skill of our devel­op­ment team, I Expect You To Die would not be the success that it is today. For the sake of fans every­where, the team hopes to be able to continue this franchise into the future.”

In the explosive finale of I Expect You To Die, players are thrust into an ultra-intense space mission, going where no agent has gone before to thwart the nefarious Dr. Zor’s master plan. The death engine, refer­enced in ​“Seat of Power,” is now in earth’s orbit and players must infil­trate Zoraxis Space Corpo­ra­tion to stop it before it fires on some unknown target. The stakes in this mission couldn’t be higher — players must put an end to this diabol­ical device and save the world. This level is the last one of the game; other levels of I Expect You To Die have placed players in a car, onto a window washing platform, under the sea, in a winter lodge, on a train car, and in Dr. Zor’s boardroom. In the final level, players will need more deter­mi­na­tion and smarts than ever before to outwit Zor as the evil scheme unfolds.

Voice actor Melanie Minichino lends her skills to this new level in the role of Commander Solaris.