The Secret to VR Development


At the 2018 Game Developers Conferencer (GDC), Principal Designer Shawn Patton gave a talk about virtual reality (VR) game design and development. PCMag covered the talk and published a summary of it. In the talk, Shawn referred to I Expect You To Die, since several of its levels were designed by 'brownboxing.'

A snippet:

In development, Schell Games brownboxed some of the game's missions and puzzles. They built a telephone by putting lights and knobs on a cardboard box, then placing a telephone handset on top of it. They mocked up a water pump that needed to be repaired by writing "Water Pump" on another cardboard box and filling it with bits of hardware that needed to be combined by the tester. They effectively created the environments where some of the game's missions would take place, in their own offices.