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'Night Shift' Game Study Gets Published in The BMJ Medical Journal


Night Shift, the game we devel­oped with the Uni­ver­si­ty of Pitts­burgh School of Med­i­cine, was part of a study that was recent­ly pub­lished in The BMJ Med­ical Jour­nal.

In the Tri­b­Live arti­cle, Dr. Deepi­ka Mohan, the lead researcher of the study, said that she was ecsta­t­ic when she saw the results. In sum­ma­ry, those doc­tors who played the game out­per­formed those doc­tors who relied only on tra­di­tion­al edu­ca­tion materials.

This is the sec­ond time we have had a game pub­lished in a med­ical jour­nal. You can read more about the research on the first game, Play­For­ward: Elm City Sto­ries, that had research pub­lished ear­li­er in 2017.