Oculus quest

Jesse Schell: Oculus Quest Will Sell 1 Million Units in 2019


During an UploadVR interview, Schell Games CEO Jesse Schell told the publi­ca­tion that he predicts that the Oculus Quest- the all-in-one stand­alone VR system- will sell 1 million units in 2019. As most of the experts in the industry, Jesse believes that the Oculus Quest could be a defining moment for mass market virtual reality.

Here’s an excerpt of Jesse speaking about the Oculus Quest:

It’s going to have way lower barrier of entry than any other headset,” Schell said. The utiliza­tion will be higher than previous systems… Quest is the first computing system actually designed for VR.”

Oculus plans to release the Quest sometime in 2019.

Also in the interview, Jesse announced that the studio plans to add more content to its award-winning virtual reality game, I Expect You To Die.