Jesse Schell: 10 Million People Will Have Stand-Alone VR Systems by 2024


CEO Jesse Schell spoke with TheGamer to discuss the gaming industry and the future of virtual reality. Jesse explored the impor­tance of stand-alone headsets, haptic feedback, and blending AR into VR headsets.

Here is an excerpt of Jesse speaking about the impor­tance of devices like the Oculus Quest:

We’re already seeing the Oculus Quest get pretty good traction. I think it’s going to be systems like that, that are designed for it, no wires, no external connec­tions, inside out tracking, if you can get those things at a low price point, I think that’s when you’ve got your mass market. The Quest, I feel, is the beginning of the true VR market place. I would predict that by 2024 there would certainly be well over 10 million people using systems like that.”

The Oculus Quest sold around 180,000 units in Q3, bringing the estimated total of Quests sold to 400,000. This is nearly double the number of combined sales for the Oculus Rift S and Oculus Go.

The entire future of virtual reality rests on this product. If this thing goes, we’re in great shape. If not, we all have to change gears.”