Hololab Bunsen Burner

HoloLAB Champions’ Earns Common Sense Education’s 2018 Top Pick for Learning Recognition


Cse Toppickcircle 2018

Common Sense Education recently reviewed our virtual reality lab practice game show, HoloLAB Champions. As a result of the review, the orga­ni­za­tion rated the game 4 out of 5 stars, giving the game the recog­ni­tion as a 2018 Top Pick for Learning.

Here is an excerpt of the review:

HoloLAB Champions is an excellent example of what virtual reality can bring to education. Students can safely exper­i­ment, play, fail, and succeed in VR in a way that cannot be done in real life. These successes and failures will certainly lead to learning that will increase compe­tence, effi­ciency, and under­standing in the real-world lab. Players are taught how to use Bunsen burners, tare scales, pipettes, and other common chemistry lab equipment. 

The game was ranked across three cate­gories- Engage­ment, Pedagogy, and Support. In terms of Engage­ment, the reviewer noted:

HoloLAB Champions is as engaging as it gets. Teachers would be hard pressed to find a student that didn’t enjoy chemistry gamified.

HoloLAB Champions remains free for educators as long as they fill out the form on its website. Good job, team!