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Schell Games Announces Histo­ry­Maker VR, Its Newest Educa­tional Tool, Coming in August


Gearing up for the upcoming school year, Schell Games today announced its virtual reality content creation tool, Histo­ry­Maker VR, is headed to Steam on August 13.

Aimed at middle school students, Histo­ry­Maker VR delivers an immersive expe­ri­ence that allows learners to embody histor­ical figures, instead of just reading about them, to encourage retention and active learning. Students can select a character, upload a script, and record them­selves deliv­ering speeches in virtual reality as eight diverse char­ac­ters from U.S. history, including founding father Benjamin Franklin and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Learners will be able to customize the stage with different back­grounds and props to create a singular expe­ri­ence that is uniquely theirs. Once the student is finished recording, the videos can be exported and edited for teachers and class­mates to review. For educators, Histo­ry­Maker VR comes with a desktop comple­ment for classroom setup, manage­ment, and student assis­tance. This standards-aligned tool can be seam­lessly inte­grated into a curriculum, with addi­tional classroom guides and recom­mended activ­i­ties available to assist with this task.

We wanted to create something that not only allows students to learn, but, more impor­tantly, expe­ri­ence the words on the page. So often, reading about people and events from the past feels hollow, because it’s difficult to relate,” said Jesse Schell, CEO of Schell Games. With Histo­ry­Maker VR, we hope to fill that void and make history learning inter­ac­tive and engaging.”

The tool, which is playable on the Oculus Rift/​Rift S, will be available to educators at no cost and retail for $9.99 USD on Steam for history and VR enthu­si­asts, in an effort to bring this expe­ri­ence to a wide range of people at an afford­able price point.

For more infor­ma­tion on Histo­ry­Maker VR, please visit the website. A press kit is available, too.