GDC 2021


Jul 19, 2021


Schell Games Community Marketing Specialist Adam Kuta presents his talk "Community Management Summit: Expanding Single-Player Games to a Multiplayer Experience with Discord" at GDC 2021.

Once a game is released, it's natural to think about making some DLC or the next game to satisfy fans or tap into new audiences. This is where attentive community management can make a difference. Schell Game's Adam Kuta will share how he uses Discord to create multiplayer experiences around the studio's single-player games to keep the conversation going, encourage players to connect and create a digital space just as engaging as the game. In addition to real-life case studies and templates, attendees will also be able to convey the positive impact community management has on a game's bottom line to management and the studio at large.

This talk will benefit game developers who are about to release or have released a game and are looking for practical advice about community management using Discord. No prerequisite knowledge is required, though some Discord platform knowledge will be beneficial.

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