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ED Games Expo 2018 Recap


The ED Games Expo gathered over 80 game devel­opers at the Kennedy Center in Wash­ington D.C. to show games and expe­ri­ences the studios have created from grants offered through the SBIR/​IES inno­va­tion programs. Groups from across the country showed expe­ri­ences on mobile, tablet, virtual reality and more.

We partic­i­pated because Happy Atoms and SuperChem VR are projects that received funding through SBIR/​IES grants. Happy Atoms completed its Phase 2 in 2016, while SuperChem VR was awarded Phase 2 funding in 2017.

CEO Jesse Schell also partic­i­pated in the event, serving as a panelist for the afternoon session of So You Want to be a Game Developer”, taking place on the Millen­nium stage in the Kennedy Center.

Speaking Panel

Jesse spoke on the last panel of the day, with a number of students, teachers, and game profes­sionals listening to what he and the other panelists had to say. One attendee shared a picture of Jesse during the panel discus­sion.

Jesse Speaking At Ed Games Expo 2018

The Booth

The team had quite the crowd while showing Happy Atoms and SuperChem VR. Mike Lee, the technical director of Happy Atoms, said that he loved how much the students, from elemen­tary school to high school, enjoyed playing with the chemistry modeling set. Kirsten Rispin, the producer of SuperChem VR, thought it was great to see how engaged students were with the virtual reality chemistry lab.

People Visiting The Ed Games Expo18 Booth

Jesse had some time before the panel discus­sion and helped the team show Happy Atoms to the crowd by the booth. He helped a future chemist learn how to build a molecule, and she was hooked!

Jesse And Little Girl With Ha Ede18 Jesse And I Civics Girl Ha

Who Else Was There

We were excited to share the exhibit floor with dozens of bright and inno­v­a­tive companies. We met the team behind BrushUp, a game that is designed to teach children the healthy habit of brushing their teeth. Games For Change Industry Circle members Filament Games and Triseum were there, showing their exciting and educa­tional expe­ri­ences.

We got a chance to catch up with our friends from Killer Snails, who were demoing its VR expe­ri­ence, BioDive, as well as a digital game and an analog game. It was a prototype but it will be available to the public soon. We totally agree with Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer Lindsay Portnoy when she said that, we had such a great time watching children and their grown-ups playing [our games].” The team plans on adding to their portfolio and we look forward to seeing what they come up with next!

Killer Snails 1St Playable

Killer Snails, Schell Games and 1st Playable


The team had a great time showing Happy Atoms and SuperChem VR, and being around games profes­sionals who want to make the world a better place. Ed Surge did a nice recap of the event and covered more of the expe­ri­ences and companies that were there.

After the event, we got a chance to do some impromptu ice skating!

Jesse Ice Skating At Ede18

Jesse ice skating- a jack of all trades!