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CEO Jesse Schell Joins the Global Indie Collec­tive


CEO Jesse Schell has joined the IGDA (Inter­na­tional Game Devel­opers Asso­ci­a­tion) Global Indie Collec­tive, a group comprised of 33 industry veterans to help indie creators with the toughest chal­lenges in today’s global market­place: from recent oper­a­tional impacts of COVID-19, to other common topics like studio strategic planning, business devel­op­ment, part­ner­ship manage­ment, produc­tion effi­cien­cies, and maxi­mizing creativity under defined constraints.

Sounds a bit cliché, but helping others is the reward. Many of us have been blessed with many exciting years in the industry, working alongside incred­ible people who have impacted us along the way. Our hope is to be able to give back in a massive way, one developer at a time. Our biggest challenge is to make sure every developer around the world knows this group exists, and is freely available to all.”

-Mark Stanley, Chairman of the Global Indie Collec­tive

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