2020 SG titles

2020 Roundup of Schell Games Launches


2020 is quickly wrapping up, so this is the perfect time to reflect on the games we released this year. This was a big year for gaming! COVID-19 kept us physically distant, but video games brought us together. We’re happy that our games could keep you company while you socially distanced.

Mission: It’s Complicated

We started 2020 by releasing Mission: It’s Complicated on Valentine’s Day.

Within this narrative match-making extrav­a­ganza, players pair various super­heroes in hopes of sparking a love (or friend­ship) that will save the world from imminent destruc­tion. Players choose between five heroes of varying genders and orien­ta­tions to work on culti­vating strong connec­tions through missions, dates, and other shenani­gans. The stronger and more compat­ible the rela­tion­ship, romantic or platonic, the higher the chance of protecting the planet.

The game was very well received and is on the list of the top 20 highest-rated game releases of 2020. We’re so proud of the team for branching out and making this heartwarming visual novel!

Until You Fall

Our fantastical VR melee game Until You Fall had an exciting year. Shortly after adding the game’s big 0.5.0 update, our team brought the game out of Early Access. As of October, the 1.0 version of Until You Fall is available on Steam, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and PlayStation®VR.

Until You Fall is a virtual reality (VR) sword fighting experience. This visually stunning game fuses melee and magic and empowers the player to become the master of their own combat style. Players will battle corrupted humanoids, monstrous creatures, and unknown horrors in a frightening neon hellscape. Death is inevitable, though win or lose, players will make progress towards the next level in this hack and slash rougelite.

We’re incredibly proud of the team for bringing the game out of Early Access and onto new platforms. Their passion and dedication have been relentless. Until You Fall received several positive reviews and honors this year, like being nominated for VR Game of the Year and receiving the honor of “Most Immersive Visuals” from Oculus.

HistoryMaker VR

The last experience we launched in 2020 was our virtual reality education tool, HistoryMaker VR. In October, we made the game available for free due to a majority of schools participating in distance learning.

HistoryMaker VR is an immersive content creation tool that helps students learn history in an entertaining and engaging way. This innovative application allows learners to display their knowledge of history, civics, and social studies, while offering educators and parents a new way to improve student engagement, increase lesson retention, and introduce an exciting alternative to textbooks and Zoom lectures. HistoryMaker VR seamlessly integrates into curriculums and includes classroom guides and recommended activities for teachers and parents to use.

We’re so proud of our team for bringing this tool to educators and students, especially at a time in which distance learning made immersive teaching harder.